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About Sorette Roose

Sorette is an integral consciousness coach, creator of Consciousness Embodiment Experience, inspirational speaker and author. She is the founder and owner of eVolve Integral Solutions with the vision to contribute to the spiritual eVolution of the world through the embodiment of expanded consciousness. .

Sorette’s journey from feeling trapped in the collective consciousness of the corporate world and society at large INTO the embodiment of limitless joyful living has prepared her uniquely to BE from a place of expanded consciousness and personal power. Driven by her unbounded love for humanity, coupled with her belief in the freedom to choose, be and create any life that you want, Sorette reminds us all to remember and listen to our Truth.

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Leading with Light

Opening into the beauty of your being through expanded awareness

By Sorette Roose

Practical tools to unlock the encrypted keys to the embodiment of your expanded consciousness. This book is about how all of us can expand our awareness and be empowered to unleash the beauty of our beings to influence the spiritual eVolution of the world.

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“When you live in your Love and Light, it transcends your relationship with others, your environment, and the world of which you form a part.”

– Sorette Roose –

Sorette is an amazing coach. She seems to instinctively know exactly the right questions to ask to get me through the barriers I’ve built for myself and into a new, more self-loving space that brings not only happiness and peace but also a level of motivation I had previously found impossible to muster. Since she coached me I’ve achieved so much more than I had in years.
Jane Boyd, MA CMCIPD Company Director
My journey of self-discovery through the year with Sorette was quite profound and she was there, every step of the way, to listen and to gently encourage and challenge me to dig deeper and to unearth the person I had lost somewhere  along the way. This year my life is so much richer and more focused.  I have started a new business venture with my best friend of 40 years and have moved from feeling like a victim in my own life, to taking ownership of it and embracing who I am.  Thank you Sorette for being the amazing coach that you are.
Karen Mandy, Director, Rediscovering Me

Sorette has the ability to set aside pre-conceived societal expectations and expected organisational outcomes and has zoned in on what makes ME tick. She has understood the mere purpose and grounds of my thoughts and behaviour and has helped me to further develop effective strategies to adapt to my environment with awareness and meaning, without compromising my true self. Thank you Sorette for helping me to add consciousness and meaning back into my universe.

Annelie van Emmenes, VMSLK Portfolio Manager

I found Sorette to be a very professional coach. She is focused on the task at hand, punctual, empathetic, patient, a good listener and process driven in relation to her discipline. My EQ grew as a result of the coaching which benefitted my career and personal life. I have since left Corporate and started my own business where I still use the skills I have learnt from her coaching. I highly recommend Sorette as an Executive Coach.

Mrs Patricia Mahlangu, Director